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Real-Time Synchronization
Leads Per Month
3000 5000 15,000
Contacts Per Month
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Service/CRM Integrations
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Lead Source Campaign
Instant Lead Notification
Email Only
Lead Data-Mapping
Real-Time Analytics
Built-In Lead Manager
Lead Tagging
Automated Email
Automated SMS
In-App Email Messaging
In-App SMS Messaging
Lead Scoring
Lead Distribution
User Accounts
2 Additional Users
Free SMS/Call Credits
$5 Per Month $10 Per Month
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LeadsTunnel Pricing FAQ

We offer a 7-day free trial for our Starter Plan at $27 USD per month or $270 USD per year . Upon sign up, you will still need to provide your billing information, however, you will not be charged until the trial ends.
We would absolutely hate it, but you can definitely cancel your subscription at any time you wish. Your subscription will take effect in your next billing cycle. For instance, if you cancel your yearly subscription mid cycle, you will still have access to your account until the following year when your current subscription ends.
Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription based on your needs. If you are downgrading your account, it will take effect in your next billing cycle. If you are upgrading your account, it will take effect immediately. However, we are only supporting linear upgrades. This means if you are on a Starter Yearly Plan, you can only upgrade to any of the higher yearly plans, rather than higher monthly plans.
For our Pro and Business plans, we offer free SMS and call credits that you can use with our in-app SMS messaging and calling features. Once the credit is used up for the month, it will reset the next month regardless if you have used it up or not. If you have used up the free credits in a given month, your SMS and call usage will be charged per text and per minutes used based on the pricing listed here.
A lead refers to any new generated contacts during a given month and a contact refers to existing leads that are already generated prior to a given month.
For each 1,000 leads over the monthly plan limit, you will be charged $10 USD.
For each LeadsTunnel account, you can integrate with only 1 Facebook account. However, within that Facebook account, you can choose as many Facebook pages as you like as long as you have Page admin access.
There is no limit! You can integrate with as many CRM and Email Service platforms as you like. You can also push leads to more than one CRM and Email Service platforms in one single LeadsTunnel campaign.
We got you covered! Even if you do not use a CRM or Email Service, you can store and manage your leads inside LeadsTunnel. Our built-in Leads Manager allows you to do lead scoring, lead tagging, in-app conversation capabilities and so much more.
We do accept integration requests if you are using a CRM or email service that we are not currently integrated with. However, feasibility and timeframe of having the integration setup will have to be determined. If you want to make a request, please contact us at
Currently, we are integrated with Facebook Lead Ads and Google Lead Ad Extension. We have a few more integrations in the pipeline coming soon.
SMS and calling capabilities are supported in the majority of the world. Click here for a list of supported countries.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact or check out our knowledge center. We have many useful articles to answer your questions!
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