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Lead Syncs Per Month

The maximum number of leads that are transferred from your lead source to LeadsTunnel. A surcharge of $10 will be applied for every 1,000 leads above the monthly limit.



Real-Time Synchronization

Automatic transfer of leads from your lead source to LeadsTunnel and/or to your CRM / email service(s) of choice in real-time.

No Delay

No Delay

Multi CRM / Autoresponder Integration

Transfer your leads from your lead scource to one or more CRM / email service(s) of your choice in real-time.

Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ad

Direct integration with Facebook Lead Ad.

Google Lead Ad Extension

Direct integration with Google Lead Ad Extension.

Landing Page Builder

Create customizable landing pages with our click-and-drag page builder.

With LeadsTunnel Branding

LeadsTunnel Branding Removed

Lead Management

Built-in Lead Manager CRM

Organize and manage your leads directly inside LeadsTunnel.

Lead Mapping

Transfer lead details and custom field information to your CRM / email service(s) of choice in real-time.

Lead Tagging

Customized labels that can be assigned to leads for management purposes.

Instant Lead Notification

Receive email and/or SMS notification each time a new lead is received.

Email Only

Email & SMS

Lead Export

Download of leads in a .csv file.

Leads Bot Notification

A message bot that notifies you of any account changes.

Lead Validation

Identify who your most active leads are to prioritize your follow-up strategy.

Desktop Notification

Receive a desktop notification each time you receive new message(s) from your leads.

Real-Time Anlaytics

Real-time display of leads that are generated and transferred to your CRM / email service(s) of choice.

Lead Nurturing

Free SMS Credits

Complimentary SMS usage credits that can be used towards all SMS activities within LeadsTunnel.


Automated Messages

An instant email or SMS message that is automatically sent out to your leads upon their form submissions.

Email Only

Email & SMS

In-App Email Messaging

Send and receive email messages with your leads directly inside LeadsTunnel.

In-App SMS Messaging

Send and receive SMS messages with your leads directly inside LeadsTunnel.

Template Manager

Saved email and SMS templates that can be used in multiple campaigns.

Team Collaboration

Additional User Accounts (+$29 per user per month | $290 per user per year)

Add additional users to your LeadsTunnel account.

Lead Distribution

Percentage allocation of leads to assigned user(s) for specific campaigns.

One-To-Many Conversation

Invite additional users to an existing Email or SMS conversation with your lead.

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