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Why LeadsTunnel?

While Facebook Lead Ad is a cost-effective way to generate leads for your business, studies have shown that if you do not respond to those leads within 5 minutes following their form submission, you can experience an exponential risk of losing those qualified leads.

Given the rising cost of advertising and competition in the digital landscape, you can’t afford to waste any generated leads. This is where LeadsTunnel can help to reduce your lead response time and boost your sales performance to increase revenue for your business.

LeadsTunnel is a cloud-based software that acts as a tunnel to transfer lead details from your Facebook Lead Ads directly to multiple CRM and autoresponder platforms of your choice in real-time. This means you can get in touch with your leads while they are still highly interested in what you have to offer.

How LeadsTunnel Work

Connect your Facebook Page to your LeadsTunnel Account
Select Your Facebook Lead Form
Choose from our extensive list of autoresponders and CRMs to sync your leads

LeadsTunnel, Your Sharpest Tool For Leads

We Understand Leads Are Your Business’ Biggest Asset So We’ve Designed LeadsTunnel
With Features To Efficiently Nurture Your Leads & Improve The Sales Flow Process

Manage All Your Leads In One Place

If you do not have a CRM or autoresponder for your business, LeadsTunnel’s built-in leads manager can be a cost-effective solution to store your lead information. Unlike Facebook who only keeps the lead data for 90 days, LeadsTunnel will securely store all the lead information collected from your Lead Ads for as long as you want. In addition to that, our tag management feature allows you to label your leads based on their behaviour and engagement so that you can prioritize your actions for your qualified leads and use it as a lead scoring system.

Receive Instant Notifications For Each New Lead

According to a study by InsideSales.com, the odds of qualifying a lead drops 400% when reps waited 10 minutes or more before following up with a new lead. As the wait time increases, the conversion rate of a lead decreases exponentially. This is why we have instant notification alerts through email and SMS so that you are the first to follow up with your leads while they are still highly engaged with your offer.

Streamline Your Leads To Multiple Touchpoints

We know the importance of getting your business in front of your customers where and when they need you. With LeadsTunnel, you can sync your leads data from a single Facebook lead form to as many CRMs and autoresponders as you like. We have integrated with over 20+ popular CRM and autoresponder platforms so that you can reach your leads through different communication mediums!

Automate Your Leads Data The Smart Way

Avoid delays in lead response time and save the hassle from exporting lead data from your Facebook account to your CRM and autoresponder platform of choice. With LeadsTunnel, not only are your lead data synced to your CRM and autoresponder in real-time, our data mapping feature allows you to choose which information gets transferred over to keep your leads information organized the way you want it. Any data that cannot be transferred will remain inside your LeadsTunnel account for easy access.

Real-Time Analytics To Measure Performance

Data is vital when it comes to advertising so that you can optimize your campaigns effectively. LeadsTunnel tracks the number of leads generated across all your campaigns so that you can measure the performance of your Facebook Lead Ads over time and quickly identify ones that are not working out.

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Automate Your Facebook Lead Generation Efforts To Your Sales Funnel In Real-Time.

WNever miss a lead and capture the golden window of opportunity to convert your qualified prospects to the loyal customer with LeadsTunnel.

Supported Integrations
Campaign Monitor

Automate Your Facebook Lead Generation Efforts To Your Sales Funnel In Real-Time.

Never miss a lead and capture the golden window of opportunity
to convert your qualified prospects to the loyal customer with LeadsTunnel.

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