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The New Automated Approach To Lead Generation

We Have Got You Covered With Features That Will Keep Your Pipeline Healthy At All Times

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Work Smarter, Not Harder With Automation

Built-In Leads Manager

Don’t have a CRM? Start conversations and track all of your lead information in one place for an effective close

Real-Time Lead Synchronization

Close the time gap and have your targeted leads automatically transfer to over 25+ CRMs and email service providers of choice as soon as they enter your sales funnel.

Personal Assistant - LeadsBot

Personal Assistant - LeadsBot

Need an assistant to keep track of your account activities? The LeadsBot reminds you of negative balance, duplicate leads, and more.

Automated Lead Distribution

Automated Lead Distribution

Allocate leads evenly among your sales team or assign more leads to your best salesperson to increase sales opportunities.

Team Accounts

Team Accounts

Have your entire sales team on LeadsTunnel to manage more volume of qualified leads and close more sales!

Template Manager

Template Manager

Easily create and manage your email and SMS messages to eliminate low-value, repetitive tasks from your day!

Manage All Your Leads In One Place

Automatic Lead Validation

Identify who your most active leads are to prioritize your follow-up strategy and maximize your time for value-adding results.

Segment By Lead Tagging

Organize and segment your leads by tags so you know the status of each lead or whichever way you want to identify them for increased efficiency.

Instant Lead Notifications

Get alerted through email and SMS the moment you receive a new lead to cut down the lead response time and increase your closing rate!

Automated Messages

Be the first to engage your qualified leads with an automatic email and SMS the moment they come in contact with you even when your business is offline.

In-App Messaging

Create conversations with your leads directly within LeadsTunnel via our in-app email and SMS messaging! Have the whole conversation logged to assist closing or use it for sales training.

Lead Export

Whether you want to do segmentation or add leads to another platform, simply export your leads by date, campaign, lead score and so much more in a user-friendly .csv file.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Current Workflow

Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

Target your prospects where they are! Use Facebook Lead Ad to collect large volumes of targeted leads natively on the platform for cost-effective results!

Google Integration

Google Integration

Got an offer for people who are hungry for them? Use Google Lead Ad to target hyperactive buyers and generate highly-qualified leads for increased sales!

Landing Page Builder

Landing Page Builder

Split-test your lead generation efforts by creating opt-in pages that you can build with our drag-and-drop landing page builder. No designer or coder needed.

Multi-Channel Integration

With over 25+ integrations of the most popular CRMs and email service providers, you can transfer your leads to multiple touchpoints to further indoctrinate your leads for close.

Explore Our List Of Integrations
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