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Dashboad Level

Level 1: The Overview

Real-Time Analytics

Understand and evaluate the performance of your Facebook Lead Ads with our real-time analytics dashboard. Focus on the number of leads generated across different campaigns and at different timeframes to identify trends and lead ad profit opportunities for more qualified leads.

Enhanced Search Function

LeadsTunnel not only connects the gap between your advertising efforts to your sales funnel but also provides you with smart lead management capabilities to organize your leads. Our enhanced search function allows you to quickly pull out lead information based on their first and last name, email, and customized tags to save time and effort.

24/7 Campaign Monitoring

LeadsTunnel monitors your campaign performance to ensure that all newly generated leads will be appropriately synced to your desired autoresponder and CRM of choice. If a connection fails, you will be instantly alerted to mitigate any issues arising from the synchronization failure.

Campaign Level

Level 2: The Campaigns

Real-Time Leads Synchronization

As soon as you have received a new lead from your Facebook Ads, it will be automatically transferred to your autoresponder and CRM platforms of choice. Not only does it saves you time, but also reduces the lead response time to increase your chances of higher conversions and sales!

Multi-Touchpoint Leads Synchronization

Funnel your qualified leads to multiple salesflow to nurture and ascend them in the right stage of the customer journey. With over 20 autoresponder and CRM integrations, you can connect your single Facebook lead form to as many touch-points as you like to get your brand exposed and boost conversion performance!

Leads Data-Mapping

Depending on your lead generation objective, you may be collecting more information than just the basics from your Facebook Lead Form. However, there are limitations in the types of information that can be pushed to your desired autoresponder and CRM platforms. Our smart data-mapping features will identify which information can be pushed and store the remaining data safely inside our leads manager for easy access.

Lead Level

Level 3: The Leads

Built-In Leads Manager

Even if you do not have an active autoresponder or CRM platform, you can use LeadsTunnel as an alternative solution to store and manage your leads information. Not only does LeadsTunnel capture all information collected from your Facebook Lead form, but also provides comment functionality so you can make notes specific to individual leads for follow-up and more.

Leads Tagging

You can create customized tags or labels for your leads based on their information and engagement with your business. Use tags to organize your leads as a scoring system and prioritize your actions for optimized conversions!

Instant Leads Notification

Studies have shown the longer the lead response time is, the lower the success rate of converting your prospect. With LeadsTunnel, you have the option to receive email and SMS notification as soon as a new lead is generated so that you don’t miss the golden window of opportunity to convert your qualified leads!

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